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Rug Cleaning
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With hundreds of rugs cleaned over the years, for your rugs of any size and texture, we will provide an onsite inspection and consultation and obligation free quote. We will get it cleaned, dried and deodorized. We clean a vast variety of rugs from entry mats to Persian, Turkish, rugs of all kinds of materials like wool, nylon, cotton etc. Choose our rug cleaning service, you will get provided with an amazing service, professional solution that will give you satisfaction and a peace of mind!

Without a big budget, but with a soiled and dirty carpet, here are four basic rules to observe for good carpet care.

  • Have a regular schedule for vacuuming your carpet. Vacuuming, actually, provides a "short-cut" to the more laborious task of cleaning the carpet. If you vacuum regularly, your carpet cleaning schedule need not be too often.
  • Provide an entry mat to your home or to any area before the carpet. This will collect the dirt and grime off your shoes. Dirt and grime are abrasive to the carpet.
  • Allowing food spills, or any kind of stain to set longer on the carpet makes it more difficult to get rid of. Remove the stain as soon as possible.
  • Prevent spreading stains by excessive scrubbing. Work from the outside edge of the stain towards the stained spot.