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Carpet Stain Mould Removal
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Carpet Stains removal

Fantasy Cleaning don't just offer carpet cleaning services, we are able to offer a full range of carpet and upholstery stain removal services and carpet stain removal tips amd professionally trained carpet cleaning technicians.

With our many years of cleaning carpets & fabrics, we have encountered a wide variety of stains, so we would provide you with some suggestions on how you can deal with that nasty carpet stain, upholstery stain or fabric stain, when it happens next.

Mould removal from carpets and sofas

Are you aware of that your home and family are at risk because mould and dust mites have infested your mattresses and carpets. Mould belong to the fungi family and thrives in humid environments with poor air ventilation. The microscopic spores released by the mould together with the dust mites hiding in the carpet and mattress will lead to asthma, allergies and respiratory infections. Having your mattresses and carpets cleaned regularly( every six months or so) by professionals will ensure your furnishing is kept in its optimal state and thus benefiting the health of your family.

Give us a call, we will send out a mould removal specialist to remove existing mould and take the appropriate actions to ensure it won't return, unless the mould has ingrained itself into the fabric for too long.